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Speaker | Event 83 – On “Young Writers”

SpeakerMengya Yin

This event is scheduled on April 25, Saturday on Zoom, the link to which will be released in the WeChat groupchat. Please follow our WeChat page to join the groupchat (see instructions at the end).


Observers of the Chinese literature circle have witnessed in the past several years the rise of many so-called “young writers,” who distinguish themselves through a variety of awards and contests.

One question that I often think about is this label of “young writer.” Who is the definition of a “young writer?” What criterion should we adopt — age, audience, or aesthetics?

I posit that literary works do have a “sense of age,” which, nevertheless, cannot be fully encapsulated by the age of the author. One example is Master redolent of maturity and poignancy authored by Xuetao Shuang, who is just in his thirties. In contrast, Tomihiko Morimi in his forties is skilled at demonstrating young, vivacious characters.

Therefore, a precise definition of “young writer” requires a balance between the author’s age and his works.

We will be sharing some great works by “young writers,” and please feel free to join us!


Mengya Yin is a researcher who specializes in data analytics of cancer medicine at Genetech in the Bay Area. Mengya earned her B.S. from Tsinghua University, Beijing and her M.S. from Johns Hopkins University.

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Apr 25 2020


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm